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“I joined CrossFit 951 in December of 2012. When I started my journey I was 37 years old and weighed 305 lbs. I had been recently diagnosed as having diabetes and high blood pressure and was taking six pills a day. My first week of working out I was a bit intimidated, but that quickly went away after meeting so many awesome people who kept on encouraging me during the workouts. After four months of working out at CrossFit 951 and changing some of my eating habits, I lost 40 pounds. Around this time I had returned to my doctor for another checkup and he was surprised that both my diabetes and high blood pressure were now under control. After seven months of working out at CrossFit 951, I was taken off of all of my medications. I am looking forward to many more years of working out with my CrossFit 951 family.”

– Marcos Meza

“CrossFit changed my life on so many levels, from internal changes to external changes. When I first came to CrossFit 951, I was very cocky because in football I thought you needed that cockiness on the field. CrossFit quickly taught me how to be competitive, but at the same time supportive. I learned it’s not about you, it’s about the people around you and how much they improve. We all go through the same pain just at different speeds. It changed my confidence in getting something done, whether it’s yard work or homework. I never really want to do either, but just like in a WOD that voice in my head says, “Shut up and get it done!” It has brought me a family that I absolutely love and am absolutely blessed to have! Words can’t describe the love I have for everyone at CrossFit 951. They are all amazing! Last, but definitely not least, it has strengthened me in faith. I now know that without God none of this would be possible. When you realize how incredibly blessed we are to do what we do day in and day out, there’s only really one person to thank, and that’s GOD. He has blessed me with amazing friends who guide me in my faith through advice and study. CrossFit 951 has changed my life greatly, but all because of a great GOD.

– Adrian Vargas

“I started my awesome journey with CrossFit 951 on January 20, 2015. I am married and was in that “I don’t really care” mode. You know, it’s what we all call being comfortable, but honestly looking back I was far from it and probably really close to being diabetic. When I started with CrossFit 951 I was 236 lbs and I am now 197 lbs, on track to reaching my target weight. I can’t even tell you how good I feel. One of the best things I have done lately is donate all of my big clothes. I got rid of them and never want to go back. I know I won’t because I am a member of the CrossFit 951 family. Everyone there is so supportive and helps to push you in the right ways so that you have your best workout every time. The coaches at CrossFit 951 rock! You guys are the reason why people do so well. I owe you guys big time and look forward to many years with you at CrossFit 951.”

– Joanna Brady

“I was 332 lbs when I started with CrossFit 951 in March 2015. I was in such bad shape that I had a hard time sleeping at night and was struggling every day to keep up at work. My job is very physically demanding. At the end of the day my knees, feet, and basically every part of my body would hurt. My doctor told me I was on the verge of having to take medication for my cholesterol. It has now been four months since I started going to CrossFit 951 and my current weight is 274 lbs. My doctor was blown away with my results and I am no longer in need of medication. I am stronger than I have ever been and I feel like a brand new man. I wake up every day happy and motivated for the WOD. I can’t imagine where I’d be without CrossFit 951 and I thank them for everything that they have done for me. Every coach there is awesome. You guys are game changers and I can’t wait to see what a year will bring.”

– Travis Brady

“I’ve been part of the CrossFit 951 family since November 2016 . I came in feeling very apprehensive, but I wanted to give it a shot. I am so grateful for sticking with this. I learned how to do movements the right way, I learned that every WOD is scalable, I learned I can do things I never thought I could do, and I learned that even on your worst days there is someone cheering you on to do your best. My most memorable moment was being a member for two months and signing up for the Open. I came in on Friday nights and I did my best. I was not the fastest or strongest, but everyone cheered and pushed me to do my best, when all I wanted to do was stop. It was then that I knew I found some amazing people to work out with. Over the past year I have set some PRs I never thought I could reach, I lost a huge percentage of body fat, built up muscle all over, and I gained confidence in myself. Words cannot express how much I love my CrossFit 951 Family. I encourage anyone who questions “Should I try CrossFit” to come in and try it!! I am beyond excited to see what my second year brings me.”

– Robyn Gogue

“I am so grateful to be a part of CrossFit 951’s family. A year and a half ago I walked in and was so nervous not knowing what I was in for. My first park WOD ended with me holding on to a tree, trying not to be sick. Something happened that day that ignited a flame within me called empowerment. The coaches at CrossFit 951 have taught me so much. What I have learned has turned me into an athlete for the first time in my 41 years of life. My husband and I get to do this journey together which is the greatest gift to our children. We are now an active and healthy family. Over this last 60 day challenge I have learned how much food fuels your body. No longer do I eat because I’m bored, happy, lonely or sad, but because I need fuel to work out and keep up with my three girls. I’m so incredibly grateful that I found CrossFit 951. I’m grateful for the awesome coaching, the friendships I’ve made, the encouragement from peers, and most of all an able-body given to me by God. Please don’t wait until you’re 40 like I did to change your life. Come join us right now and be your best self.”

– Keri Wisdom

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